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Updated: Aug 4, 2020

I bet this is your first visit to creative law studio. I hope you enjoy the content and make this only the first of many visits.

As I sit here working on the finishing touches to this website before publishing it, (and trust me, there have been about 4 false starts, each ending in the realization that I hadn't met my preferred level of perfection needed for publication) I know the site may not be quite ready. However, much like an artist working on a painting, who can easily recognize slightly unfinished areas, that artist much eventually unveil the painting for others. So here I finally unveil creative law studio to you, with maybe some some incomplete shading or imperfect brush strokes. But it has been kept to myself for long enough, and this website is ready for its opening night.

This particular post is not necessarily meant to dive into the laws of trademark. But don't worry your pretty, little head; we will get there. Today, I thought I would simply introduce myself. How did I arrive here? What is the point of this website? And why am I so informal with a name like "creative law studio" instead of [insert real serious law firm name and photo of men with arms crossed here.]

Though referring to my law firm as a studio may seem informal, do not be fooled; I am quite serious about the law of trademarks. I just happen to be, like many millennials, thinking outside the box and realizing there are better ways to do business, even in the old, dusty profession of law.

I'm an attorney licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. While working as an "of-counsel" attorney (independent contract attorney) for a larger firm, I have practiced in the areas of trademark, business formation and planning, estate planning and administration, real estate, and general contract drafting. Much of my contract drafting has been focused on equine law. I have represented large and small horse farms, race breeders and professionals in all kinds of equestrian sport.

I have always been deeply interested in trademarks. They are quite fascinating, aren't they? Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to take on several portfolios of trademarks immediately upon starting my of-counsel position. And this is where the creative law studio was born. My work as an of-counsel attorney continues, but now my focus is on trademark, and mostly the clients of my own firm, creative law studio.

Creative law studio is a web-based law practice. (What?) I know, it is such a different way to practice law. However, with a very strict and streamlined process, I am able to meet the needs of my clients without ever meeting in person. The greatest convenience in making this work is that the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office is also web-based. However, prior to moving a trademark to the U.S. government, I use several apps to make the web-based law firm idea work.

Most of my clients come to creative law studio through Instagram, Facebook and from simple Google searches. I have worked with clients in all types of industries and businesses and from all over the country. Earlier I mentioned that I am licensed to practice in Pennsylvania. This is one of the reasons that trademark law is such a magical practice area. The federal government, through the U.S. Constitution, retains original jurisdiction over intellectual property law, which I refer to as the the I.P. Trinity. Trademark law is one practice area of the intellectual property trinity. What does original jurisdiction mean, you ask.

The overwhelming majority of practice areas are based on state by state law. This means that an attorney may only practice in states where they are licensed. Because the federal government retains this incredible concept of original jurisdiction, my Pennsylvania license to practice is extended across all 50 states.

Okay, so back to the important point we are supposed to be focusing on today. I will be contributing to this blog with all sorts of information. We will discuss exactly what a trademark is and why you may need to register a trademark or two . . . or three . . . or . . . We will discuss the importance of hiring an attorney to register your trademark. Word on the street is that trademark law is a soft, easy area of law, that can be done by non-attorneys. We will talk about why this word on the street is far from reality and also the difficulties that are added once the initial trademark application is done incorrectly. And of course, this blog is going to be fun. I am going to write about trademark topics in the news and also dedicate certain weeks to writing about my favorite trademarks. I plan to publish new content on Tuesdays. Today is not Tuesday. However, you may direct your questions about this to the opening of this post where we discuss artists. Though today may not be Tuesday, today's the day.        Welcome to creative law studio.

Monica Ugliuzza, Esq.

Monica is an attorney with a practice exclusively dedicated to trademark law. Monica founded and owns Creative Law Studio, a law firm with creative minds to best serve creative clientele. Creative Law Studio is able to serve clients with a wide-range of budgets, due to the firm's boutique, web-based presence. Monica is committed to providing excellent counseling to her clients and gets just as excited about your trademark as you do. This blog is not intended to provide legal advice and shall not be used as such. An attorney-client relationship cannot be established by or through this blog.

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