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'Lemme' Trademark That - Kourtney Kardashian Applies for Gummy Supplement Trademark

In a beautiful, colorful Instagram post on September 12th, Kourtney Kardashian announced the launch of her new brand, Lemme™. The brand will launch a line of health supplements in the form of gummies on September 27th. So, hurry up, finish off your boring supplements and get your medicine cabinet ready to party.

The Instagram post shows gummy bottles with fun names like “lemme CHILL”, “lemme MATCHA”, and “lemme FOCUS.” Each is a catchy name, and the branding and fonts are on point. We think there is a great opportunity for a whole portfolio of Lemme trademarks.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Application, Serial Number 97103765 was filed on November 2, 2021, by Lemme, Inc., a Delaware corporation with a New York address. The application received an office action on August 22nd. This means that the application has technically been refused, however, this is incredibly common, and office actions can be quite simple to overturn. The office action received by Lemme is actually easy to overcome with a clarification of the goods. The application identified International Class 005 for “supplements, vitamin fortified foods and beverages, vitamin cases.” The refusal is based on the fact that this description is indefinite because the word “supplements” could fall under both Classes 005 and 001. We believe they meant “vitamin supplements” under Class 005 and not “supplements for aquariums” under Class 001. This probably seems silly, but this is how trademark law works. Specificity is the name of the game. Lemme was granted 6 months to respond to the office action, and assuming the response is timely filed, we don’t think Lemme will have any problems getting that registration.

But wait, there’s more. What Kourtney did not include in her Instagram post was the fact that Lemme has more plans. Lemme, Inc. has filed two additional USPTO applications for the Lemme brand. In February of this year, the same applicant filed for a trademark in Class 025 for purses and clothing. We’ll be waiting to see if this application is refused for being too similar to the registration “Lemme Lickit” or “Lemme Believe” which are both registered fin Class 025 for apparel. Additionally, just two weeks ago Lemme, Inc. filed a second Class 005 supplement and vitamin application for the trademark “Lemme Purr.” We’re looking forward to finding out what “Purr” will mean.

Why do we love this trademark? The strongest trademarks are unique, do not describe the goods or services being sold, or even suggest those goods and services. SEE OUR BLOG WITH TIPS FOR CHOOSING A STRONG TRADEMARK. This is a strong branding idea, and once it becomes well known, it will be just as strong a trademark as Kourtney's other brand, POOSH™.

Lemme me the first to say great job branding a unique supplement line.

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Monica Ugliuzza, Esq.

Monica is an attorney with a practice dedicated exclusively to trademark law. Monica is the founder and owner of Creative Law Studio, a law firm with creative minds to best serve creative clientele.

Disclaimer: This blog/website is intended to be published for educational and entertainment purposes and to give readers a general idea of the law of trademark. This blog/website is not intended to give any specific legal advice or to target a specific person. Readership of this blog cannot create an attorney-client relationship between you and the publisher. This blog should never be used to substitute the seeking out of personal, legal advice. The discussion of an existing or potential trademark shall not be taken as an endorsement by creative law studio, nor shall the same be taken as an endorsement of creative law studio. The discussion of specific trademarks does not mean that creative law studio is a record attorney for such trademarks.

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